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Mercury poisoning

Here are some details about previous incidents in which opponents of the Kremlin have been victims of poisoning or suspected poisoning, or have cried foul after suddenly falling ill.

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They were taken to hospital in a critical condition and British officials said they papillomavirus treatment been poisoned by Novichok, a group of nerve agents developed by the Soviet military in the mercury poisoning and s. Russia has denied any role in the poisoning and says Britain is whipping up anti-Russian hysteria.

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Gary Stephens at the University of Reading. A German laboratory later found elevated levels of mercury, copper, manganese and zinc in him, according to medical reports seen mercury poisoning Reuters.

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  • Mercury Poisoning

Moscow denied involvement. Putin probably approved the killing, a British inquiry concluded in The Kremlin has denied involvement.

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Litvinenko fled Russia for Britain six years to the day before he was poisoned. Perepilichny had sought refuge in Britain in after helping a Swiss investigation into a Russian money-laundering scheme. His sudden death raised suggestions he might have been murdered.

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British police mercury poisoning out foul play despite suspicions he might have been murdered with a rare poison. An inquest into his death has yet to give a definitive conclusion as to how he died. A pre-inquest hearing heard that traces of a rare and deadly poison from the gelsemium plant had been found in his stomach.

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Perepilichny had enjoyed a large bowl of soup containing sorrel, a popular Russian dish. Russia denied involvement. He said he was poisoned while having dinner outside Kiev with officials from the Ukrainian security services.

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Russia denied any involvement. His body was found to contain 1, times more dioxin than is normally present.

The different faces of Mercury poisoning.

His face and body were disfigured by the poisoning and he had dozens of operations in the aftermath. According to accounts of the incident, Markov looked behind him and saw a man picking up an umbrella that had fallen on the ground.

Markov later died of what is believed to be poisoning from ricin, for which there is no antidote.

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Dissidents accused the Soviet KGB of being behind the killing.