[Propagation of toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins in various grains].

How to avoid mycotoxins in food


    Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. The mycotoxins aflatoxins, trichothecenes, ochratoxins, fumonisin etc produced by such spoilage fungi can be carcinogenic, hepatotoxic, teratogenic or immunosuppressing Logrieco et al. The limitation of the mycotoxin contamination of food and feed could be achieved by specific methods that inhibit the fungal growth.

    how to avoid mycotoxins in food

    Several approaches are described by now to avoid the accumulation of mycotoxins, directed towards: prevention of contamination; decontamination of mycotoxin-containing food and feed; and inhibition or absorption of mycotoxin content of consumed food into the digestive tract Juodeikiene et al. The aim of this work was the screening of new lactic acid bacteria LAB strains isolated from plant materials or some Romanian traditional foods for antifungal action againstplant pathogenic fungi and mycotoxin producing Aspergillus strains.

    For most of the LAB strains the inhibitory action was maintained even after 14 days of incubation.

    how to avoid mycotoxins in food

    The principal antifungal compound is represented by lactic acid, quantified by HPLC. Important damages of the fungal hyphae were observed at microscopic level fragmentation, loss of the cellular content, twisting of hyphae or apical swelling. Four of them were used for interactions with LAB: strong and stable inhibition was obtained with the LAB strains designated as 35, 58 and The results suggest that selected LAB could be used for fungal growth inhibition and possible for mycotoxin content reduction.

    how to avoid mycotoxins in food