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Cancer related endocrine

Retrosternal goiter was identified 54 patients 2. All patients were refered to surgery from the Clinic of Endocrinology.

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The clinical pictures of retrosternal goiter was dominated by compressive disorders. Thyroid function abormalities were identified by hormonal assays performed on Endocrinology Clinic lasi in 15 cases The diagnosis of retrosternal goiter was suggested by clinical examination and confirmed by imagery: thorax X ray, ultrasonography, CT scan.

Concluzie Incidența cancerului tiroidian Cancerul tiroidian este un tip de cancer care afectează glanda tiroidă, o mică glandă în formă de fluture situată la baza gâtului nostru. Cancerul tiroidian este, de asemenea, unul dintre cele mai frecvente tipuri de cancer endocrin. Potrivit Societății Americane a Cancerului, aproximativ 44, de cazuri noi de cancer tiroidian pot fi diagnosticate în Cancerul tiroidian este frecvent observat la persoanele de peste 30 de ani, cu toate acestea, se poate dezvolta la orice vârstă. Femeile sunt mai predispuse să dezvolte acest cancer decât bărbații.

The cervical approach was being safely performed. There was no mortality and morbidity was 5.

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The length of stay in the hospital was 4. We compared our cancer related endocrine data with a previous report on retrosternal and thoracic goiter treated in First Surgery Clinic of lasi during to and published in the journal "Chirurgia" in Diagnosis and treatment cancer related endocrine retrosternal goiter involve a multidisciplinary team.

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The endocrinologist has an important role in diagnosis and postoperative follow-up. Surgery is the treatment of choice for substernal goiters, but there are still some controversies on surgical approach, and complication rate. The cervical approach can be safely performed in almost all cases but when required, sternotomy should be performed without hesitation.

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